[DISC] phpBB Arcade Add-on

Du entwickelst ein Add-On für den phpBB Statistics MOD?
Dann stell es hier vor und lass Andere daran teilhaben.
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[DISC] phpBB Arcade Add-on

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This won't be further developped since phpBB Arcade is marked abandonned on phpBB.com

I'm currently working on an Add-on that will show some statistics of the phpBB Arcade MOD by Jeff Russo.

Version: 0.0.9

Demo: http://area51.m-a-styles.de/stats.php?i ... ode=arcade

Requirements: phpBB Arcade 1.0.0RC8 & phpBB Statistics 1.0.0 (or 0.2.0)

Download: n/a

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Re: [DEV] phpBB Arcade Add-on

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demo-link not working :shock: