Translation : french

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Translation : french

Beitragvon Draky » Do 3. Okt 2013, 21:44


Even if I can't really use the MOD (problem of login on disabled board), I've translated it to French.

I've packaged like a new MOD, but I'm not sure you (marc) are interested in...

I can also, if you prefer, create a MODX xml file on a "contrib" subdir if you want to include it...

Just tell me what do you prefer :)

For information : 3 files to edit (2 language files + imageset.cfg file) and 2 translated (in "lang/fr/mods")...

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Re: Translation : french

Beitragvon Marc » Mo 7. Okt 2013, 12:17

MODx instructions for direct inclusions in the MOD would be nice.
Ideally, you would send me a pull request against my github repository:

Just the MODx instructions would be ok, too.

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