ProFormell downloaded over 20000 times

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ProFormell downloaded over 20000 times

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Looking at and I recently found out that proFormell has already been downloaded over 10000 times.
Right now, there is a count of 10496 downloads, including the ones on this site. With this count, proFormell is the Top 6 of the styles on
I'm glad to have that many people downloading my style and I hope there will even be more in the future.

71 % have been downloaded on
28 % on
1,2 % on

Update October 2nd, 2009:

proFormell has recently passed the 20000 downloads mark. Right now, it has been downloaded 20420 times, counting only the downloads on this site,, and proFormell is now the Top 7 styles for phpBB 3.0.5 on
Some stats:

69,8 % have been downloaded on
28,2 % on
1,9 % on

Update December 31st, 2009:

23416 downloads. That is how many copies of proFormell have been downloaded since the first release of 1.0.0. Since then, many changes have been worked into the style, including a PNG-fix for older browsers like IE6, a semi-dynamic width and now with 1.2.3 finally a fully dynamic width. I want to thank everyone for downloading this style.

68,0 % have been downloaded on
29,8 % on
2,2 % on

Relative change since February 2009: - 4,23 % + 6,43 % + 83,33 %