Exporting Statistics?

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Released: 04/25/2010
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Exporting Statistics?

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I was wondering how I can export the statistics so I can use them for metrics (charts, etc.) - I can't find any information anywhere on how to do this outside of a database level (which is not possible as we can't give this access to the people who need this data on a weekly basis). Ideally i'd like to export to CSV or excel, but anything besides copy/paste (manually) would work....

Also, is it possible to track statistics on a weekly basis instead of just hourly, daily, and monthly?
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Re: Exporting Statistics?

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I'm sorry but this is currently not possible and I doubt it will be possible in the future. I'd have to format every data separately for the CVS output so I'd have to work this into every module, which is a lot of work.

The next major version will introduce a print page though.