Creating a quick preview

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Creating a quick preview

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Greetings :)

With my vast searching on google and alikes to find something that could at least help me on my idea I found your jquery mods for phpBB and thought you could help me out.

Well, my idea is basically create a quick preview of the messages we want to put in a forum, be it in quick reply, private messages and maybe even in your quick edit.
This would be with the use of tabs, abit like we have here showing below "options" and "upload attachment" but on top of the message box with the tab preview. something like this:

While writing the message:

Previewing the message:

This was done using the live preview code, but since I'm planning on previewing only after a click of the tab the "live" part isnt needed, and without it, it would be possible to show exactly how its gonna look like, with flash and what not, even also the topic subject.
I've also posted in the live preview support forum this idea with the changes i did back then on posting_editor.html ... 2e57996cd6
I've already found out another code that could be better, the Jquery Magic Preview but will need some tweaking to work properly.

Using this magic preview code I'll need to tweak it so it can work with bbcode (working on normal html) and that on click of the preview tab it also show the bbcode since currently showing only stuff on keypressed and not on bbcode button pressed. That's what I'm missing currently.
Could you help me out giving me some tips? Or maybe even taking over this idea :)
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Re: Creating a quick preview

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Thanks for your input but I currently don't have any time for more MODs.